artist-Susan Germer

susang is known for the distinctive style of her one-of-a-kind jewelry and art creations.
susang art studio can be found inside historic Hotel Carlin on Montana Avenue in downtown Billings, MT. Artist Susan Germer, susang, has found her creative haven on the second floor.
Unique textural elements and shapes combine to form jewelry that is beautiful, finely detailed and is certain to make the wearer feel special. Often beads add color in surprising ways. All of her fine silver designs are signed. "I love it when my client tells me that their favorite piece is one that I created."
Her watercolor and pastel originals are awash in color and the use of stamps that susang has carved add interesting design elements.
Hand sewn onto fabric, tiny colored seed beads and found objects tell a story. The result is framed art or adornment that is beautiful or whimsical -always interesting. Worth taking a second or third look to discover things not seen the first time!

Artist Statement

"Many things spark my imagination - Remembering childhood trips to Pacific Ocean tide pools, walks through Montana woods or along coastal sands, vast mountain scenery and river rock islands seen while floating the currents of the Yellowstone River. I live where the seasons change your view and there are plenty of places to observe natural wonders. And then there is the hardware store! I love discovering items that can be used in ways not intended.
I have always been an observer and collector, focus on detail, enjoy using colorful chopstick papers, shiny wine bottle foil, maple tree sticks from my yard or moss found on walks with my dog Bub.
Over the years I am grateful to have been taught by some very talented and generous artists. I am happy to share my knowledge by teaching workshops. We all have so much fun! I always learn from my students as well.
I want the person wearing my jewelry or viewing my art to feel a personal connection to it - to make it their own."